BTS: Shooting for Midea and NSR model agency

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BTS: Shooting for Midea and NSR model agency

The past october we were invited to take part in a model competition organised by NSR “a-la-big-brother” in which a bunch of newcomers to the agency competed in several modelling related categories from cat walking to editorial photo shoots. During that competition, several photographers from the city came along to shoot the models in their own style.


Hitomi in action

We had freedom to do pretty much what we wanted with them. Without any limitation or guideline to follow, we worked with D+Beauty’s team to create the photo shoot that you can see here.


Photo and video being recorded

Besides photographing the models, we decided to make short video following the same concept. It was our first time trying the Black Magic cinema camera and had a blast with it. You can see the result in youtube:

Even though the whole video idea was an improvisation with no real planning, the results not so bad and it was a great learning experience.


Operating a naked BMCC

After the whole event was finished, we were lucky enough to be invited to a gala dinner in the newly open Bel Ami restaurant with chef Olivier Maindroult as the mastermind behind it.


Us with the D+Beauty team in Bel Ami

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